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Jerry Falwell Jr.'s false gospel of memes The Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty promises to be a perversion of the gospel it claims to serve
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Why December is for reading big books The thicker the better this time of year
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'It's ok sweetie — he's with me' What happens when my autistic son is with me in the ladies restroom
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Trump's China conundrum Escalating the trade war is politically risky for Trump. Signing a deal with China may be even riskier.
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Where are the real centrists? Why a shift toward the true American center is unlikely to happen anytime soon
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The problem with censure Why censuring Trump makes even less sense than impeachment
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How to keep your tween talking Suddenly, your growing kid has gone silent. Here's how to connect with them.
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"Democrats talk a lot about 'the arc of history' — if they believe their rhetoric, they owe history a relatively complete account of the president's official sins." Go big or go home? Impeachment probably won't work, but Democrats should still give it everything they've got
Nancy Pelosi.
Handing Trump a 2nd term? House Democrats giving the president a huge trade deal victory would be gross political malpractice
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Republicans for socialism? Why Trump's "America First" ideology is just as statist as the "socialists" conservatives fear
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"Even if Democrats were able to conduct the impeachment hearings according to the most rigorous ideals of fairness, do you think the president would cooperate? Or would he just find new ways to delegitimize the impeachment inquiry?" Is the Trump impeachment 'tainted'? Why Trump is snubbing this week's House Judiciary impeachment hearing
President Trump.
The China cloud Will China's planned coal expansion erase any global climate change progress?
Knives Out is one movie you really shouldn't spoil Spoiler culture is out of control. But this hilarious whodunit is one justifiable exception.
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A generational divide Can a millennial candidate ride older voters to a Democratic primary victory?
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