5 things you need to know now
5 things you need to know now
  • March for Science protests assemble in Washington, worldwide

  • Trump to hold Pennsylvania rally during press dinner

  • Pence: U.S. to honor refugee deal with Australia

  • White House to reveal 'broad principles and priorities' of tax reform Wednesday

  • Trump says 'DREAMers' can 'rest easy'

Thousands of people protested Saturday in Washington, D.C., and in cities around the world in March for Science events timed for Earth Day. The rallies were intended to promote popular interest in science, recognize scientific achievements, and protest the Trump administration's proposed cuts to research funding as well as policy-making around issues like climate change which marchers argue disregards the best available evidence. Some scientists have criticized the marches, expressing worry that science as a discipline will be negatively politicized. Bill Nye the Science Guy spoke at the main event in Washington. Other events were held in London, Germany, New Zealand, and beyond.

Source: The New York Times, The Associated Press

President Trump announced in February he would skip the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which is scheduled for April 29. On Saturday, Trump tweeted his alternative plans for that day: "a BIG rally in Pennsylvania." The last president to miss the dinner was Ronald Reagan in 1981; he sent a phone message instead of appearing personally because he was recovering from an assassination attempt. Trump's decision to decline has been widely interpreted as retribution for press coverage he considers unfair.

Source: The Hill, The Week

The United States will proceed with an agreement with Australia to help resettle refugees, Vice President Mike Pence pledged Saturday at a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney. "President Trump has made it clear that we'll honor the agreement — that doesn't mean we admire the agreement," Pence said. The arrangement requires the U.S. to accept up to 1,250 refugees, many from Iran and Syria, from their present location in offshore detention centers in Australia. In return, Australia will accept refugees from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. President Trump has called the agreement a "dumb deal." Turnbull said Trump's willingness to honor the deal anyway "speaks volumes for the commitment, the integrity of President Trump."

Source: CNN, Politico

"We'll be having a big announcement on Wednesday having to do with tax reform," President Trump said Friday, claiming his plan will offer businesses and individuals "a massive tax cut" that would be "bigger, I believe, than any tax cut ever." An unnamed White House official told The Washington Post Friday night the Wednesday announcement will "outline our broad principles and priorities" rather than offering a detailed proposal. "We are moving forward on comprehensive tax reform that cuts tax rates for individuals, simplifies our overly-complicated system, and creates jobs by making American businesses competitive," the official said.

Source: The Washington Post, The Week

President Trump told The Associated Press in an interview Friday that "DREAMers," young immigrants who were brought to America illegally as children, should not fear deportation because they are not being targeted. DREAMers can "rest easy," the president said, because his administration is "not after the DREAMers; we are after the criminals." The DREAMer label comes from the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, which has not passed at the federal level but is implemented in some states. On Tuesday, a 23-year-old man named Juan Manuel Montes, a DREAMer, sued the Trump administration for deporting him earlier this year. Montes appears to have had an active Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, which should have prevented deportation. Trump told the AP Montes is "a little different than the DREAMer case," but did not say why.

Source: Politico, The Associated Press
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