"The days of the e-reader wars are over," said Alex Cranz at Gizmodo. In 2017, there's "no real reason" to question Amazon's Kindle standing as the best choice for most people. Kindle and the two other remaining big players all make great hardware, so choosing between them is mostly about weighing how the e-reader accesses content. Amazon offers the biggest library, but Kindles can't handle all file types. Kobo's devices can read any format, but require being connected to a computer every time you load content.

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ($120)

Combining "stellar" hardware, a massive library, and many services unavailable on rival devices, the Paperwhite is the e-reader most people should buy. Paying for a pricier Kindle does add features, though, and the $290 Kindle Oasis ranks today as "the most advanced e-reader available," said The Wirecutter. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Plus ($130)

The Nook Glowlight Plus won't make converts of Kindle loyalists, but its specs are competitive with the Paperwhite, it frees users from Amazon's reach, and it requires no fee to eliminate ads. Plus, the Nook is fully waterproof — a big plus for readers who enjoy reading in the bath. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Kobo Aura ONE ($230)

The Aura ONE is waterproof, too, and its screen, at 7.8 inches, is the biggest on any e-reader. With 8GB of storage, this Kobo can hold thousands of books, its battery can last a month, and the backlight grows warmer in color as the day progresses, making it great for reading right until going to sleep. Buy it at Amazon.

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