1. Giant Jenga ($120)

Like Jenga — only bigger! The 54 oversize blocks stack into a tower more than 4 feet high, and can go higher if you add a $40 booster pack. "Just be sure to watch where you put your drinks while you're playing." Buy it at Amazon.

2. Solitaire ($322)

You will want to leave this beautiful game board out on display all year long. The object of the game is to eliminate all but one of the large marbles, which are made from 38 different semiprecious stones. Buy it at Luxe Decor.

3. Sagrada ($40)

"Visually arresting and endlessly playable, Sagrada is certainly the best puzzle game of 2017." The rules are "elegant in their simplicity": Up to four players compete to design and craft stained glass windows. "Foresight is a must." Buy it at Floodgate Games.

4. Umbra Pongo Table Tennis ($40)

Once the last slice of pie has been eaten and the table has been cleared, keep the party going with this portable Ping-Pong set, which promises hours of not-too-strenuous fun, "even with a full belly." Buy it at Amazon.

5. Leather Head Handsome Dan Football ($125)

The signature football and best-seller from Leather Head Sports is made from uncorrected, full-grain leather that ages beautifully. Not just a ball, it's "a gift that can be passed down from one generation to the next." Buy it at Amazon.

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