1. Infinite Roses ($100 for 12)

Give the roses that will last the whole year through. Treated with a special solution, Infinite Roses need no water and maintain their color and texture for up to 12 months. Buy it at Only Roses.

2. PuttSkee ($500)

No more need to practice putting using just paper cups. The PuttSkee mixes mini golf and Skee-Ball, and it folds up to go wherever you want to play. Buy it at The PuttSkee.

3. Stalvey Crocodile Teddy Bear ($32,000)

Don't forget about the kids! A little more than a century after the first teddy bear was sold, a New York luxury label has created the ultimate iteration of the plush toy: This one is made with crocodile skin that has been embedded with 24-karat gold. Buy it at Moda Operandi.

4. Corkcicle Cigar Glass ($20)

Whiskey and cigars go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's why every aficionado should have a handmade tumbler that makes it easy to hold both with one hand. Buy it at Corkcicle.

5. Gucci Velvet Cushion ($1,150)

"Praise be to the ­fashion and home-decor gods." Gucci's launched a home collection this year and included a select group of the embroidered throw pillows the fashion house has been handing out at runway shows. Buy it at Gucci.

6. Hôtel le Flaine Cuckoo Clock (Prices upon request)

German sculptor Guido Zimmer­mann is reinventing the cuckoo clock by making concrete replicas of famous brutalist buildings — including Marcel Breuer's acclaimed luxury hotel in the French Alps. Buy it at Guido Zimmermann Art.

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