December 15, 2017

President Trump spoke at the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony on Friday, just hours after the White House claimed there is an "extreme bias" against the president among FBI officials. Trump himself had said earlier Friday that "when you look at what's going on with the FBI and the Justice Department, people are very, very angry."

On stage, though, the president told the law enforcement graduates, "You rarely get the recognition you deserve. With me as your president, America's police will have a true friend and loyal champion in the White House, more loyal than anyone else can be." Trump additionally disparaged conditions in Chicago — "what the hell is going on in Chicago?" he asked the audience — and said "we believe criminals who kill police officers should get the death penalty."

Clint Watts of the Foreign Policy Research Institute noted that the graduates Trump was addressing are "high level, strong performing state and local law enforcement officers from around the country," rather than FBI agents — "i.e. Trump's base." Watch a portion of Trump's comments below. Jeva Lange

December 13, 2017

The CW has turned the Archie comic book franchise into a hit teen drama, Riverdale. On Tuesday, The Tonight Show looked at what would happen if you gave the same treatment to another storied 1900s comic strip, Peanuts. Charlie Brown (Jimmy Fallon), now in high school (and with hair), is still (almost) kicking the football, but now Linus has been murdered, and the gang's town has a seedy underbelly. The Riverdale cast makes a cameo. Watch below. Peter Weber

December 12, 2017

To celebrate the eagerly anticipated new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show took snippets from the previous eight Star Wars films to recreate Hanson's last No. 1 single, "MMMBop." You might have to watch the video a few times to catch all the characters contributing to the mashup, or to marvel at all the times a Star Wars character said "bop" (or something close enough), but Yoda — who was not the last Jedi — properly gets the last word. Watch below. Peter Weber

December 11, 2017

The White House responded to several of President Trump's accusers coming forward on Monday for a "round two" of sexual harassment allegations by saying that the "American people knew this and voted for the president" anyway.

The White House has firmly and continually denied that Trump sexually harassed women even though U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley told CBS on Sunday that Trump's accusers "should be heard." In a statement Monday, the White House added: "These false claims, totally disputed in most cases by eyewitness accounts, were addressed at length during last year's campaign, and the American people voiced their judgment by delivering a decisive victory."

In response to a question on the same topic Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: "In this case the president has denied any of these allegations, as have eyewitnesses and several reports have shown those eyewitnesses also back up the president's claim in this process. And again, the American people knew this and voted for the president and we feel like we're ready to move forward in that process."

Despite denying the women's accusations, Sanders also said: "This took place long before [Trump] was elected president. People of this country had a decisive election, supported president Trump, and we feel like these allegations have been answered through that process." Watch below. Jeva Lange

December 1, 2017

Despite tweeted assurances from President Trump that his wife, Melania, "truly loves" living in the vermin-infested White House, "I'm not sure that the first lady is happy in Washington, D.C.," Stephen Colbert said on Thursday's Late Show, pointing to a recent tweet from Melania's communications director. The tweet insisted that the first lady was having fun decorating the White House for Christmas, and it had a bleak photo attached. "Which holiday is that for?" Colbert said, recoiling. "St. Gorlon's Feast of Human Bones?"

But holiday decorations aren't "all the first lady has to deal with," Colbert said. "She's also, once again, getting flak from Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump," who threw some more shade at Trump's third wife in a recent interview on Irish TV. To find out if Melania Trump is actually happy in the White House, Colbert brought on his Melania impersonator, Laura Benanti, whose facial contortions alone are worth a watch. Peter Weber

November 28, 2017

CNN's Chris Cuomo taught former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci a basic lesson about fighting fire with fire on New Day on Tuesday. Cuomo, who is a longtime acquaintance of Scaramucci's, wasn't letting anything get by him when Scaramucci attempted to defend President Trump's use of a racial slur. "[Sen. Elizabeth Warren has] been nasty to him, and he's been concurrently nasty to her," Scaramucci attempted to justify.

Cuomo couldn't contain a snicker. "Anthony," he said, "you wouldn't let your kids operate that way, but you're going to say it's okay for the president? You're not in there anymore, you can be honest!"

The New Day host continued to needle Scaramucci over his flailing attempts to defend Trump, at one point teasing "you haven't done this in awhile, you're a little off your game. I'll give you an easy one." But when it came down to business, Cuomo wasn't even willing to cut a pal a break. "I can't trust you on any level when I think you're going to B.S. me," he sternly told Scaramucci after another attempt at a spin. Watch the full interview below. Jeva Lange

November 27, 2017

President Trump used a racially insensitive nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday during an Oval Office event honoring Native American code talkers, the Toronto Star's Daniel Dale reports.

"You were here long before any of us were here," Trump told the assembled group after initially declining to give a speech. "Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas."

The insult has been a favorite of Trump's, stemming from Warren's claim that she is of Native American descent. Trump earlier declared November to be Native American Heritage Month. Watch his remarks below. Jeva Lange

November 27, 2017

CNN's Chris Cuomo was unable to contain himself following recent reports that President Trump is now privately sowing doubts about the authenticity of an Access Hollywood tape in which he lewdly boasts about groping women. Trump had admitted in 2016 that it was him on the tape, saying: "I said it. I was wrong. And I apologize."

A visibly frustrated Cuomo told his colleagues: "He really might believe that it's not authentic. I think it is way more troubling than it is getting credit for. I don't think that this is an offhand comment by him. I think he believes this will work with people."

As for himself, Cuomo had no doubts at all: "That is him on that tape! Okay? That's who it is. He said what he said. He even kind of owned it."

Cuomo explained that Trump's theoretical lie is "scary" because "if he will go to that level of saying, 'yeah, maybe that's fake,' what else will he say that about that's not as clear cut?" Watch the rant below, beginning at 5:50. Jeva Lange

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