sick brag
November 21, 2019

President Trump just made a big announcement — but not for the reasons he thinks.

In a Thursday morning tweet, Trump spun on every topic that could pertain to money, not exactly dropping a bombshell when he said he'd release a financial statement before next year's election. But if he's actually telling the truth in saying former Special Counsel Robert Mueller got to look at the tax returns, well, that's a bigger deal.

During Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, he "went over all of my financials, and my taxes, and found nothing," Trump said Thursday. That's news, seeing as Trump has never been willing to release his past tax returns and only provided written testimony to Mueller during the investigation. Trump then pivoted to decry a New York state law that would release his taxes to certain congressional committees if requested and is making its way through the courts, and threw in a "jobs, jobs, jobs!" for good measure.

Trump's promise to release a financial statement is less consequential, seeing as he's released financial disclosure forms in the past — something that's required of certain federal officials and not, as Trump said, "my decision." Kathryn Krawczyk

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